2013 Basket List
2013 Longaberger Items Year Description All baskets are in excellent condition and have never been used! 2004 Heart-shaped basket with divided protector and lid 2007 Wreath basket, color: rich brown 2002 Window box basket with liner and 2 protectors 2007 Basket with solid wooden dividing handle, liner and protectors Heart-shaped basket with heart embelished lid, protector and tie-on 2002 Easter basket with liner and protector Gatehouse basket with liner and protector 2001 Generation basket with liner and protector 2004 Corner basket with liner, protector and lid 2006 Paperclip basket with liner, protector and lid 2001 Envelope basket with liner 2001 Card basket with liner, protector and cards 2000 Century basket with liner, protector, lid and tie-on 2003 Vacation Keepsake Basket with liner, protector and chalkboard lid 2002 Hostess Serve It Up Tray Basket with liner, serving solutions, protectors with lids 2001 3-way basket with divided protectors and liner 1999 Tissue basket with liner and lid 2004 Large desktop asket with liner, protector and wooden dividers 2000 Pie Basket with liner, stand and attached lid 2002 Christmas Collection, Traditions Basket with liner, protector and lid 2004 Bread Basket with liner, protector and lid 2003 Little Keepsakes basket with liner and protector 1 Pint Crock, Paprika color, New in box 1 Pint Crock, Corn Flower color 2002 Golf Club Basket Market Basket, Signed by Carmen and Jerry, with liner, tie-on and handle wrap Boyds Mink Bear with Longaberger jacket 1998 Homestead Basket, signed by Carmen, Judy and Jeff, with liner, protector, tie-on and lid Storage Basket with protector and lid 2005 Baquette Basket with liner and protector 2005 Sweetest Heart Pottery, beautiful detail and design 2003 Collector Club Bank with protector and lid Spin Organizer Basket with hard plastic dividers Sewing Basket Stand 1 Pint Salt Crock, Color: Spice, New in box Crock Lid/Coaster, Color: Paprika, New in box Souper Mug, Sage, New in box 2002 Minature Flag Basket with liner and protector, new in box Magazine Basket Lid, New 2000 J.W. Minature Gathering Basket with liner and protector, New in box 2006 Bread Basket with liner, protector and lid - Color: Blue 2004 Knick Knack basket with liner and protector Waterford Globe, New in box Jewelry making supplies, containers full of different beads, tools, sterling silver clips, etc. Year Description All baskets are in excellent condition and have never been used! Horizon of Hope Series 2010 Small Horizon of Hope w/lid, liner, protector & tie-on 1999 Luncheon of Hope w/protector, lid, tie-on & plaque 2002 Horizon of Hope Classic, w/liner, protector, lid, tie-on & plaque 2004 Horizon of Hope, w/liner, protector, lid, tie-on & magnet 2004 Horizon of Hope White Bear 1998 Horizon of Hope protector, liner & tie-on 2001 Luncheon of Hope w/plaque, lid, tie-on & liner 2005 Horizon of Hope w/protector, liner, tie-on & lid 2000 Horizon of Hope w/lid, tie-on, liner & protector 2006 Horizon of Hope w/draw string liner, protector & tie-on Christmas Collection Series 1995 Cranberry basket w/liner, protector & lid 1996 Holiday Cheer w/liner, protector & lid 1998 Glad Tidings w/tie-on, liner, protector & lid 1997 Snowflake w/lid, protector & liner 1994 Jingle Bells w/lid, protector & liner 1999 Popcorn basket w/lid, protector & liner 2001 Shining star w/lid, protector & liner 2002 Traditions basket w/lid, protector, liner, tie-on, dowel for ribbon pulling 2003 Caroliing basket, w/tie-on, lid, protector & liner Set of 5 Generation Series 1998 14" Generation w/liner, protector & lid 1999 12" Generation w/liner, protector & lid 2002 10" Generation w/liner, protector & lid - Signed by Jeff 1999 8" Generation w/liner, protector & lid 2002 7" Generation w/liner, protector & lid 2002 Hostess Sage booking basket w/liner, protector & lid 2002 8" Generation w/liner, protector & lid 2023 10" Generation w/liner, protector, salt & pepper napkin holder Woven Memories Series 2002 Small apple basket w/two lids, liner & protector. Signed by Wendy & Carmen 1997 Small gathering basket w/divider, liner & protector 1996 Wildflower basket w/liner, protector & lid 2004 Househould Caddy w/liner & protector 2001 Hostess Collection; Medium Wash Day 2004 Mother's Day Essential Basket; w/lid, 2 pc. protector & liner 1995 Traditions Collection Family basket; w/lid, protector, liner & plaque 1998 Traditions Collection Hospitality basket; w/liner & protector 1997 Traditions Collection Fellowship basket; w/liner, protector & lid 1995 Large Fruit basket; w/lid, liner, protector & extra liner 1999 Spring basket; w/protector & lid 2004 Round serving basket w/lid for protector 2001 Classic medium chore basket; w/protector & liner 2000 Medium solutions storage basket; w/lid, liner & protector 2000 Woven basket pitcher w/protector; w/Longaberger long sunflower silks 2000 Woven Memories w/liner & protector; Signed by Judy, Carmen, Mary, Judy, Wendy & Jeff 2003 Small Boardwalk Zippered Purse; w/liner & protector 2009 Large Deep Triange Bowl 2007 8" American Work basket; w/lid & liner Misc. Variety of liners, lids, protectors, wooden décor, tie-ons, photo magnets & wooden dividers 2004 4 Pc Canister set; w/protectors, liners w/seals & lid Longaberger Pottery - Design: Blue Heritage - All Made in the USA Cake plate Soup Tureen Pie Dish Large Pitcher 1 Pint Salt Crock Medium Mixing Bowl Teapot w/lid Large teapot w/lid Cookie jar Soap Dispenser Small Loaf pan Cornflower Soap Dispenser Woven Drum Crock - Color: Ivory (1) Coffee Mug Longaberger Pottery - Not Made in the USA 1 Pair Coffee Mugs Woven Traditions Contour Bowl - Color: Paprika Woven Traditions Christmas Treats Dish - Color: Paprika Woven Traditions 1 Pint Crock - Color: Blue Heritage Woven Traditions Soup Bowls - Color: Paprika; Set of 2 Woven Traditions Travel Mug - Color: Paprika Nature's Garland Mugs - 4 per box - Christmas Design Nature's Garland Mugs - 4 per box - Christmas Design Nature's Garland Mugs - 4 per box - Christmas Design Nature's Garland Embossed Bowl - Color: Paprika Trim A Tree Bowl 1 Pint Holiday Crock w/lid 1 Pint Holiday Crock w/lid Peppermint Twist Coasters, Set of 4 Pottery below is: Blue Heritage 1 Quart Crock 2 Quart Crock 1 Pint Crock w/lid Coffee Mug 1/2 Pint Salt Crock w/lid Year Description Pottery - Large Mixing Bowl - Heritage Green 2002 Spring basket, w/liner & protector ----- 2 pack Ivory votive cups 2007 Bee bag 1993 All American Liberty basket w/protector & liner. Missing leather handle 2007 Dresden basket w/liner, protector & tie-on 2003 Collector's Club Salt & Pepper basket w/protector 2002 Button basket w/protector & liner 2007 Handmade Boyd's Bear basket; Signed by: Gary & Wendy Longaberger 2006 John Deere basket w/liner & protector ----- Longaberger Purse - Stained 2007 Horizon of Hope basket w/liner, protector & lid 2000 Century Cheers basket w/liner, protector, lid & tie-on 2005 Small Boardwalk basket w/liner & protector; Signed by: Gary, Jeff & Gerry Longaberger ----- Woven Reflections Cream Small Vase 2001 Large Pot of Gold basket w/liner 2005 Bouquet basket w/protector & liner 2002 Tall tissue basket w/lid & liner 2001 Sweetheart basket w/liner & protector 2002 Mother's Day basket w/liner, protector, lid & tie-on 1994 Lilac basket w/liner, protector & tie-on 2004 Housekeeper basket w/protector & lid 1998 Snapdragon basket w/liner & protector 2003 Large Desktop basket w/liner & wooden dividers ----- Longaberger Purse 1992 All American Liberty basket w/protector & liner. 2006 Spring basket; Color: Red 2006 Nature's Garland basket & protector 2003 Bee basket w/protector & liner 2007 Tapered pencil basket w/liner & protector 2004 Napkin basket 1995 Green Cranberry basket w/protector, liner & tie-on 2003 Hostess Appreciation basket & lid 2007 Medium Berry basket w/2 protectors & 1 liner 2002 Tarragon basket w/liner & protector 2004 Homemade basket; Signed by: Wendy, Carmen and Gerry 2006 Homemade Saddlebrook basket & liner 2008 Harvest basket w/liner, protector, lid, tie-on & handle tie 2002 Small Serving tray w/liner, protector & lid ----- Lattice weave clothes basket w/leather handles 2006 Library basket w/liner Pottery - 9 x 13 Baking Dish Pie Plate 2003 Serve-It-Up basket w/liner, protector, 9 x 13 baking dish ----- Serve-It-Up Liner ----- John Deere basket ----- Two Coin Purses 2003 Extra Large oval picnic basket w/liner, protector & lid. Hostess Only Item. ----- Small Library basket