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Use the following template to create your company's e-mail newsletter. You don't need to include all of these items every time you send out your newsletter; they are provided as examples of the kinds of things you can include.


This is the information that readers will see first, so use this space to promote whatever is most important to you at the moment. You may want to announce a new service you're offering; an upcoming sale, anniversary or other special event; or an award or honor your company has received.


Did You Know?
Write a brief article that explains a service your business offers and shows how it can benefit your customers. For example, if you own an auto repair shop, you might want to write an article that explains why regular oil changes are important for maintaining a car's condition. A doctor might include an article that explains the latest developments in flu shots and how these shots can prevent illness. A graphic artist could explain why an attractive business logo is important and how it can improve a company's sales.
If you send your newsletter weekly, your article should be a maximum of three paragraphs long. This ensures that readers won't feel overwhelmed by getting too much information. If your newsletter goes out less often, you can double or triple that length.
The goal of this section is to convince readers that they need a particular service and remind them that you offer it.


In this section, explain how a customer benefited from using your service. Whenever a customer gives you positive feedback, ask if they would be willing to write a short paragraph explaining how your company helped them and why they liked your service. Or, you may prefer to interview satisfied customers and write the paragraph yourself. For example, if you're an accountant, you might interview a customer who had saved a great deal on her taxes thanks to your tax preparing services. If you're a consultant, interview a client whose business increased profitability as a result of your help.
The goal of this section is to show readers that other customers have used your services and been very happy with the results.


How To
In this section, explain how readers can perform a task related to your business by themselves. Often, this information can be presented in the form of a checklist. For instance, if you're a travel agent, you could include a checklist of items to pack for a short business trip. A dentist could write an article explaining how to floss properly. A Realtor could include a checklist of the steps involved in preparing a home for an open house.
The tasks you explain should be relatively simple, so that readers will not feel overwhelmed with information. Keep this section a maximum of three paragraphs long.
Although the task you explain should be related to your business, it should not be a service your business offers. For instance, if you own an automotive service business, don't explain how to do an oil change. You don't want to show customers how to do without you! The goal is to provide useful information that helps them do things better. This shows them you have their best interests in mind, and makes them more likely to turn to your company when they need professional help.


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